Where is Lt.General Darpokbhai Ranchodbhai Patel PVC, PVSM, AVSM, MVC?

I am not aware of any senior army commander / general bearing Gujarati surname though I do not at all mean they are cowards or deficient in patriotism in any manner.

Akhilesh Yadav recently raised a query as to why people from Gujarat do not die at borders, people from UP do. His comment is quite immature betraying his sheer ignorance and casual attitude towards a serious issue though some element of truth does exist.

Gujarat has always been a trading state where commercial considerations guide every decision. Trading is inseparably in their DNA. Most prestigious and sought after degree for Gujarati youth is B.Com and the most favourite profession, share trading which is essentially gambling. Obsession for share trading did not allow Gujarati boys to think of Army or other professions and that is the main reason, representation of Gujaratis in security forces is nominal. Question of sacrifice at the border shall arise only after they start joining security forces in large numbers.

It is interesting to note that Gujarati girls continue with their studies even to the level of Ph.D etc. while boys are stuck anywhere between Matriculation to B.Com. A Matriculate to B.Com boy albeit successful share-trader marrying a Ph.D girl has been regarded an ideal / dream couple in Gujarat ! And they get along very well, indeed !!

It was only Narendra Modi as Gujarat CM who started exerting his efforts to re-define face of Gujarat. He unleashed a massive campaign to transform Gujarat into a manufacturing hub and embarked on a program to encourage / motivate Gujarati boys to study for higher education and jobs, invited retired army commanders to train them how to crack army recruitment drives as well as NDA entrance examinations. These efforts have started bearing results and the scenario shall be very different soon.

People in UP have always been inclined towards higher education and employment with less liking for trading / business. Army / Civil Services / Law / Medicine have always been favourite professions for youth in UP hence, representation so high in these disciplines. When representation in security forces is high, sacrifices are bound to be there whenever border skirmish breaks out.

So, Akhilesh Yadav should have probed into reasons before delivering such an absurd statement and hurting so many across the country. I hope, he shall be wise enough to apologise to the nation. If he does not, he should be ignored as a stupid fellow who does not have a sense of propriety. There is no merit in wasting time after such fools.