A food For Thought For Self Proclaimed Liberals

The Indian media is a funny. Today, Times Of India in its Editorial says “Emmanuel Macron shows How liberals can turn the tide against populism “. Indirectly, hinting that in India current dispensation is not Liberal and banks on populism.

I think that they have still not grasped what harm these self proclaimed liberals have caused in India and are unnecessarily trying to derive wrong lessons and compare the two situations..

These self proclaimed Liberals need to understand following ;

One, Unlike the French liberals the Indian self proclaimed liberals are biased and have been as a practice ridiculing the majority population’s customs, norms and practices and have been supporting the appeasement policy of the Congress and the Leftists. For eg, they boycott Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen and praise Fida Hussein for hurting the sentiments of Hindus.

Two, They pooh poohed every idea that unites the country and demonise every notion that unites us.

Three, They highlight the differences and hide the similarities and have deliberately with mischievous intent distorted India’s history.

Four, They have as a result supported each such organisation and group that has shown India as some kind of an Idea rather than as a sovereign nation with its own long history and culture.

Five, It has supported every such organisation and group which has talked of breaking the nation in the guise of Freedom of expression.

I am sure Rajdeeps and Barkha dutts would be deriving lessons and taking inspiration from Emmanuel’s victory and thinking that their fate will also make a turn around. But before they think of a turn around, they need to ask themselves few questions ;

Was demonitisation, GST, FDI in def sect, Make In India are populist measures or distributing free lap tops, MNREGA, and Food Security Bill, Reservation for Muslims, Paying Maulvis are Populist measures.

Is Shouting Anti India slogans and talking of Breaking India a liberal thought.

Is Banning Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen a liberal idea.

Is your deft silence on the issue of Triple Talaq a liberal way of expression.

Is your silence on the issue of Fatwas a liberal way of expression.

Rajdeeps and BDs and Karans, i do not fore see your fate turning around because of following reasons ;

One, The Indian politics is gradually moving towards delivery and performance. People now are more interested in ; WHAT CAN YOU GIVE ME AND WHAT HAVE YOU GIVEN ME. Any one who doesn’t deliver is going to be rejected. So, the Old forces ; Rahul, Sonia, Laloos, Mulayams, etc who have only exploited the poor and deliberately kept them Poor are not likely to be accepted. Even if they form a big MAHAGATHBANDHAN because they do not have the administrative ability to deliver.

TWO, Unlike West or to be precise France, India has experienced almost 600 years of Islamic rule and has faced its consequences. Its unlikely that Indians are going to do any such hara-kiri now.

Three, India since the beginning of last century has witnessed numerous Communal riots and also suffered a partition based on Religion and not only that India has been facing its consequences for last 20 years in the form of Islamic terrorism. All this has left a deep mark on Indians’ psyche.

Four, With few terror attacks, if entire Western nations can suffer from Islamopohobia You can well imagine what would have been going through Indian minds after having lost the count of number of terror attacks.

Ostensibly, even the self proclaimed Liberals have the right to express their views But I really doubt that their fate can turn around unless they understand INDIA.

– Col Neerav Bhatnagar