You are the best friend of yourself

I have an ordinary habit of silently strolling alone before going for dinner at dusk. Those are the moments for me to reflect upon myself, relax my mind, contemplate deeply, receive fresh / unique ideas from the Eternity, watch bright / resplendent sun sinking into horizon mesmerising myself with it’s mysticism, watching waves of birds going home twittering excitedly… and at those very moments, overbearing people want to discuss Kejariwal, crticise Modi, seek justifications for so-called non-action in Bastar…. it is sickening indeed. I have to often avoid them even at the risk of being declared arrogant, snob and what not.

Years ago, I read in the Time of India, Ratan Tata had to abandon his morning walk at Marine Drive in Mumbai as he used to be mobbed by other morning-walkers pestering him for job for their sons / daughters in TCS !!!!

Being too personal too soon even with strangers, is an epidemic in our country. Even well-educated ones are unable to resist. It needs to be moderated without going to the other extreme of being reclusive altogether like in western countries.

How do I convince them, be an autonomous / self-contained human being as you are the best friend of yourself and nobody else can be a better advisor of yourself than yourself ? We all must define our limits of involvement with the external world.

If you cannot, at least allow others who can. World shall continue as ever, always, while we shall continue coming from and going back to the ultimate pavilion.

Nation was there, nation shall be there irrespective of how many Kejariwals / Modis / Shahs come and go. We must allow ample space for ourselves and others, too.