Truth-Pills are invariably bitter. Really?

That is why we all are precepted, “SATYAM VADA, PRIYAM VADA”. It means, “Speak truth, speak sweetly.”

Bitterness of Truth-Pills is a consequence of a plethora of vanities of Kama i.e. lust, Krodha i.e. wrath, Lobha  i.e. greed, Moha  i.e. delusion and Ahamkara  i.e. egoism. These vanities often impel one to perform several Karma-s that do not constitute his / her Svadharma i.e. one’s own Dharma. That too, in a motivated manner i.e. Sakama Karma-s. Such people are loaded with innumerable Prarabdha-s i.e. unredeemed Karma-s whose consequences are yet to visit them in right earnest.

Samskara-s i.e. imprints of these Karma-s remain embedded in the domain of consciousness of the performer of Karma-s. Embedded means their consciousness is tainted, perspicuity blurred, focus of Buddhi  lost and intellectualism ravaged. Any ideological input has to pass through these ‘embedded taints’ thereby, the input itself is ultimately blurred and ravaged of focus manifesting into lack of understanding of issues / questions before responding recklessly.

Then the person is very likely to misunderstand even the right, honest initiatives, earnest remarks and what not. They arrogate themselves with narcissistic ideas, halo of a non-existent sanctity around themselves, wish to be treated always in a privileged manner… then they become difficult to deal with.

To such people, Truth-Pills are always bitter. They constitute more than three-fourth of entire humanity, manifesting into widespread irrationality / thoughtlessness / mindlessness / brainlessness and what not.

However, they cannot be ignored. We have to get along with them. There comes SATYAMA VADA, PRIYAMA VADA. Such fellows cannot face truth, so must be taught truth in an amiable manner. Of course, offensive / rude talk is completely excluded from the ambit of this discussion.

Truth-Pills are NEVER bitter to those who are spiritually advanced, possess an enlightened mind, intellect and a foresight.

So, bitterness of Truth-Pill is an individualised problem. It is not a problem of the Truth-Pill itself.

Note :  These observations are based on Patanjali’s Darshana of Ashtangayoga. Samskrit Sutra-s have not been added to leave it simple and understandable for as many as possible.