Open Letter to PM : Yoga-Tourism can make nation alcohol free, country of Gangajal drinkers!

Hon. Prime Minister,
Namo Namaha.

Government must undertake promotion of Yoga-Tourism in a big way on the lines of Medical-Tourism, now so popular abroad, with permanent Brand Ambassador Amitabh Bacchan promoting it in Sheershasana Mudra all over !!

Yoga-Tourism is most likely going to be quite a hit among foreigners and transform into a voluminous revenue earner being season-neutral also. As number of States are gradually moving towards the noble cause of total prohibition, Yoga-Tourism shall move along in perfect harmony with that as no foreigner would expect / allow himself / herself to be boozing around in the country while on the holy mission of Yoga-Tourism.

It is also likely to discourage paedophiles and others with criminal propensities. Rising Yoga-Tourism in due course shall extend an excellent ground to declare the entire nation alcohol free, an unbelievable country of Gangajal drinkers !! It may even pave the way for the country to evolve into 100% vegetarian too, in due course of time with huge earnings from Yoga-Tourism and environmental brownies entirely supportive of that. I believe Mr. Prime Minister, this one is an idea whose time has arrived with a bang and Government must work on it.

Introduction of Biometric attendance system does not appear to be effective everywhere in Sarkari offices. Like evolution of drug-resistant TB, Babus have grown biometric resistant as they disappear manually soon after stamping their presence digitally !!

Next logical step is Radio-Collaring of Babus like wildlife experts do to tigers in jungles to achieve various objectives. Babus can be easily radio-collared by inserting a micro-chip into their ID cards that they hang from neck and hide it in their front breast pockets like pocketsquares.

Through these micro-chipped ID cards, movement of Babus can be easily monitored by their superiors or from a centralized control room. I am sure, it will bring about unbelievable rise in efficiency, productivity and refinement of attitude among Babus.

Seven decades old Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra mind-set of lethargy and laissez-faire bequeathed by SoniaG among Babus is not that easy to obliterate otherwise. It is yet another idea whose time has arrived with a bang, Mr. Prime Minister.

I am strongly in favour of launching an all out war on Pakistan should they dare to harm Kulbhushan Jadhav. 70 years old chronic migraine that Pakistan has always been, complete destruction of that so-called country is the only solution to enable us live peacefully in our country.

So long as Pakistan is there, they will remain an acute pain in our neck. If a spark / trigger is necessarily essential for that, it has arrived now with a bang, Mr. Prime Minister. Kindly seize the opportunity immediately and write yet another glorious chapter of history for the nation now.

Vande Maataram  I

With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari