Traitors must understand, Bharatavarsa is not a toy that can be pushed around

Hon. Prime Minister,
Namo Namaha.

Assertiveness of our foreign policy vis. a vis. China with Dalai Lama at the centre, is really heartwarming. I ventured to stoop a bit low, rendered myself pettyminded to derive smatterings of ego-satisfaction and provide some solace to my psyche bruised by Dragons in 1962 in spite of the stark reality that 1962 Debacle was exclusively Nehru’s debacle at the expense of nation.

In 1962, it was not the nation that was defeated. It was Nehru and his claque known as Congress who suffered humiliating defeat and nation was forced to foot the bill on their behalf.

If Dragons can summon our Ambassador to lodge ludicrous protest, why can’t our MEA summon Chinese envoy to lodge protest in strongest possible terms for continuously occupying Akshai Chin, constantly refusing to vacate occupied territory and puking Jackal-threats from Beijing, that too through media ?? Who is worried about their GDP and sub-standard arms ?

If Tawang is Tibet and Tibet is China as they foolishly declared, then Dragons must be reminded that Tibetan Buddhism was born in Nalanda as Shantaraksita, in the Abbot of Nalanda Vihara, so entire Tibet belongs to Bharatavarsa.

To be more precise, Tibet belongs to Bihar and Bihar Chief Minister would be well-advised to claim entire Tibet as an extension of Bihar !! Their own territory in the state of Bihar !! So ridiculously stupid are the Dragons.

Mr. Prime Minister, it is high time Tibet is recognized as an independent nation and Dalai Lama shifted from Dharamshala in HP to Arunachala Pradesh as their establishment base. A Guard of Honour with gun-salute for Dalai Lama in Rashtrapati Bhavan would be an added charm for the Dragon diplomacy.

It would have been quite acceptable had BJP Spokesmen asserted politely on TV channels before the world, POK does belong to our BAAP, we are determined to reclaim that and if Farookh Abdullah and his son so desire, they are welcome to get their bodies riddled with bullets of Bharatiya Sena.

Lunacy of this kind does not deserve silence. And President Obama had not offered Panchsheel Agreement to Osama bin Laden hiding in Abbottabad !! He had pumped bullets into his body. Traitors should shudder in fear in this country lest they blurt out anything anti-national.

J&K exclusively belongs to Hindus being an ancient abode of Bhagavan Shiva. This is a fundamental truth that they must be explained from Lal Chowk in Shrinagar as loudly as possible and they must migrate to Syria as early as possible.

Traitors must understand and convince themselves, Hindu-Rashtra of Bharatavarsa is not a toy that can be pushed around.

Vande Maataram I

With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari