SAKSI-BHAVA  is the state of consciousness wherein one beholds whatever is available to be beheld absolutely dispassionately without any personal involvement, subtle or gross whatsoever.

And Saksi  is the one incessantly engrossed in the state of Saksi-Bhava. Even if one is called upon by the Providence to act upon something, it shall be accomplished absolutely dispassionately with no inclination to possess or enjoy the proceeds, whatsoever. Inspiration if any, is again devoid of any involvement whatsoever.

Param Brahmatma  is the Absolute / Ultimate Saksi. He beholds all cosmic activities / events absolutely dispassionately. Not even a whiff of involvement exists yet entire cosmicity is meant for Him alone. Prakrti  acts, enacts, reacts just for the sake of the Absolute Saksi !! Indirectly, nurturing the Saksi-Bhava  without which neither Saksi-s nor the Saksi-Bhava  may exist.

We, human beings are mandated to exist in the world, act and enact whatsoever, imbued with deep sense of Saksi-Bhava. Resurgence of Saksi-Bhava  is the begining of unshackling oneself from rigours of the world, mundane existence while it’s dilution or dissolution is the forerunner of avalanche of heaps of miseries and agonies. Hence, unmitigated bliss is the inevitable proceed of Saksi-Bhava  with intensity of the bliss being directly proportional to the degree of Saksi-Bhava  attained.

Saksi-Bhava  is foundation of Karmayoga, to be more precise Svadharmayoga. Saksi-Bhava  is the most potent anti-dote of Samskara-s, Prarabdha, Gati – all collectively known as DESTINY / FATE in common parlance. While protecting inevitability of Karma, Saksi-Bhava  neutralises it’s proceeds, howsoever intense in content or debilitating in nature. Saksi-Bhava  is the only way how not to suffer at the hands of destiny even while performing all the Karma-s as ordained. Indeed, absence of Saksi-Bhava  is the only reason of all the agonies that a Jivatma  has to undergo.

Saksi-Bhava  is an integral constituent of our consciousness, His Consciousness. Higher the intensity of Saksi-Bhava, greater are the joys of enlightenment. Saksi-Bhava  itself is a tremendous enlightenment and bliss. Thus, Saksi-Bhava  is the direct manifestation of divinity.

Entire spiritual Sadhana  is just about attaining the state of being a perfect Saksi. Detachment is not renunciation. Renunciation is the creative endeavour that involves shift in consciousness. Evolving consciousness becomes centred and observant like a detached witness or Saksi.

Saksi-Bhava  is the eliminator of cause. Once cause is rendered non-existent through Saksi-Bhava, there can be no effect at all. Once cause is ruled out, effects are automatically ruled out. Hence, if a Karma  is enacted with deep sense of Saksi-Bhava, it does not become a cause to invite it’s effect upon the performer of Karma.

Absolute Saksi  i.e. Param Brahmatma  may be known / cognised as the Ultimate Cause yet He does not create any cause for Himself at all. He does not create any effect for Himself too. It is Jivatma  alone that creates causes for itself as well as effects too. It is ABSOLUTELY WRONG / INAPPROPRIATE to hold the Absolute Saksi  responsible for all the miseries and joys that a Jivatma  has to take upon himself as proceeds of the causes created by itself.

Be a Saksi  ever in this world. It is the real state of bliss, truly meaningful state of existence in this world full of miseries and calamities.