‘Sadgati’ for UP shall follow soon under watchful eyes of Prime Minister Modi!

Historic Victory of LS 2014 is back here again as UP 2017 with a high decibel, deafening bang. Not only the country but also entire world is thundered with the loud bang which shall reverberate for a long time to come.
UP had created history in LS 2014, now they have repeated in UP 2017. They deserve all the salutes and plaudits.

Vutures of Islamic-Secularism (led by Samajvadi GoondaYadavs) and Vampires of loot / corruption / murders / rapes / statues have been retired to their respective graves for others to live and die in peace in their own country. Now UP shall have an opportunity to work and prosper to wipe out all blemishes of past.

Finally, UP attained ‘Sadbuddhi’ at last, at the instance of two Gujaratis who left their home-state, came over with the sole mission to open their eyes wide shut and retrieve the nation a la Sardar Patel. Both worked so hard… unparalleled in history of this country.
‘Sadgati’ for UP shall follow soon under watchful eyes of Prime Minister Modi!

Natvarlal 420 of Delhi politics is now stripped naked before himself !! Punjab has been so wise to defeat him decisively. Congis are certainly better than AAP. And they are also better than Badal-BJP Combo too, under the circumstances !!

I congratulate Goans too as they did not allow even a single seat to the Natvarlal 420 of Delhi. Very matured of them.

UK….. Devabhumi shall now be back to Devas and Devis for sure.

Manipur too has revealed remarkable political awakening. Signs of tremendous churning are loud and explicit. They too, are yearning to break free of old, rotten taboos and breathe in fresh air of prosperity.

March 11, 2017 is a remarkable day in country’s history.
A day to be remembered as much as May 26, 2014.