Even if the best brains toil their best to fractionate “Existence” at it’s most fundamental level, they shall not discover more than these two constituents,
Faculty of knowing / knowledge,
Faculty of acting / action

Though I am certainly not one of the best brains in the world, yet I had the temerity of allowing my faculty of imagination (a composite of both the aforesaid faculties) to run riots, not for hours or days but for months together, attempting to identify any possible III or IV constituent of the Existence or even sub-fractionate the aforesaid two pillars of the Existence. I did not succeed. I have allowed myself to be contented with these two constituents alone.

Faculty of Knowledge is the wisdom or all encompassing Supreme Consciousness i.e. ‘Purusa’ while the other, Faculty of Action is ‘Prakrti’. Just as knowledge cannot act while action cannot know, Supreme Consciousness or the Purusa  cannot act. He “does not act” is consequential to the “cannot act” phenomenon. While Purusa  cannot & does not act, He is in the know of all or conscious of all i.e.

He is the Supreme Consciousness. Then, the Supreme Consciousness is He, the Purusa. Natural corollary that follows is that He is absolutely serene, tranquil because He cannot / does not act, yet He is the Consciousness-Incarnate, in the manifest of Consciousness alone. In spite of being supremely conscious yet actionless, He is NEVER rendered standstill !!!

Other constituent i.e. Prakrti  is precisely and diametrically opposite in all respects to the Purusa. Prakrti  is action albeit devoid of consciousness. Since it acts, it cannot know. How can action be conscious of action itself through itself ? Even two or more different sets of actions can never be aware / conscious of each other / one another, because of being devoid of the faculty cognition, to be conscious of.

Hence, action is conscious of itself only through the Purusa  who possesses the quality of being conscious. In other words, action is ‘constrained’ to rely upon Purusa  to be ‘conscious of itself’. In other words (isn’t it better way to express !), it is the Purusa  who is conscious of Himself through actions of Prakrti  !!! Purusa  intrinsically possesses the proclivity of remaining constantly conscious of Himself. Even for a fraction of moment, Purusa  cannot and shall not lose consciousness of Himself, as He is different and distinctly identifiable from Prakrti.

Cosmic ocean of Consciousness i.e. Purusa  is infinite and blessed with everything within Himself which no being may ever be able to perceive completely. He is Infinite just because there can never be an end to consciousness / awareness !!! Supreme Purusa  is absolutely conscious, tranquil, devoid of all attributes and inactive yet not static. Prakrti  is finite, ever active yet unconscious. While Supreme Purusa  neither mutates nor evolves, His binomial counterpart Prakrti  is under constant evolution through mutation. Prakrti  is finite because there is always an end to an action, even conceptually too. Every action has to end at a certain point. It does, that’s why it is finite.

State of being ever conscious, infinitely conscious, tranquil, devoid of action yet not being static / standstill eternally, gives rise to the most mystical divine phenomenon ever known to humanity – the phenomenon of SVATAHA. Closest corresponding word in the English lexicon is SPONTANEITY, albeit a bit imperfect / improper to say the least. Supreme state of Purusa  as already elaborated explicitly herein, renders Supreme Purusa  in an eternal state of SVATAHA. Let us describe it as SVATAHYOGA as it is turgid with the insatiable spirit of renunciation / sacrifice. Now, let us conclude that Supreme Purusa  i.e. Param Brahma  is ETERNALLY ESTABLISHED IN THE MYSTICAL STATE OF SVATAHYOGA.

Eternal state of Svatahyoga  necessarily enjoins upon Prakrti  to remain eternally active. Eternal activity of Prakrti  is INFINITELY FINITE, which leads to ever expanding consciousness of Param Brahma. Param Brahma, who is eternally ensconced in the mystical state of Svatahyoga  is NIRAKARA  i.e. devoid of shape, size or any other constraining limit for that matter. His binomial counterpart Prakrti, which is enjoined upon to remain active, rather constrained to remain active, is essentially SAKARA i.e. constrained within several, or may be innumerable confines.

If by any cosmic eventuality, Prakrti  fails to become / remain Sakara, Param Brahma  would lose His Nirakara  being, may be forever i.e. lapse into His NIDRAYOGA  once again !!! How did Param Brahma  succeed in pulling out of His cosmic Nidrayoga  at the very outset, is itself the most enigmatic riddle for the curious ones. Also, how many times did He transition Himself in and out of His Nidrayoga  in the so-called past, is yet another enigmatic riddle to reckon with.

So-called “Creation” of everything that is celestial, occurs (or does it ?) through the cosmic institution of Svatahyoga. It is through Svatahyoga alone that Nirakara Brahma  transitions into Sakara Brahma. And the construction material in this process of creation happens to be “SPANDANA” or ‘modulation’ in the English lexicon. ‘Spandana’ is the fundamental unit of construction / creation of everything that appears gross in the material world.

Every material in the gross world is condensed composite of Spandana  alone while destruction / dissolution is unwinding of this composite aggregate, climaxing into the tranquil, serene ‘silence’ that Param Brahma  is. “Spandana” as the unit of celestial creation is also reinforced by the fact that after it’s complete dissolution, no debris is left behind at all !!! All planets, stars etc. dissolve into a void that is ‘nothing’. Had it not been so, space within the confines of human comprehension, would have been overflowing with the debris of innumerable celestial bodies that were created and dissolved since the space came into existence !!! And no astronomer worth his / her salt so far, including Aryabhatta, Bhaskaracharya, ISRO or NASA have reported sighting of natural, residual wasteful debris arising out of celestial bodies, for long.

Once Sakara Brahma  comes into being in the forms of various material objects as well as innumerable Jivatma-s, it follows the path of Svadadharmayoga  to redeem itself. Svadharmayoga  is the precise and pertinent term of Karmayoga. Now ostensibly, entire cosmic process boils down to the cyclic transitions through Svatahyoga  and Svadharmayoga  only. Svatahyoga  can be ‘performed’ by Nirakara Brahma  ALONE while Svadharmayoga, only by the Jiva. What Nirakara Brahma ‘proposes’ through Svatahyoga, Sakara Brahma  disposes of, through the pursuit of Svadharmayoga.

This is the cosmic phenomenon that establishes primacy of Karmayoga  or better expressed, Svaddharmayoga  forever. Svadharmayoga  is all encompassing i.e. it includes Bhaktiyoga, Samkhyayoga  and Rajyoga  too, within it’s ambit.

Similarly, concept of Real or Unreal too, is a matter of cosmic relativity. To those who are realised ones, vested in Nirakara Brahma, gross material world is utterly un-Real. Conversely to those established in the gross material world, anything that is Nirakara, is the (un)real one. Wisdom of Svatahyoga  and Svadharmayoga  constitute the very basic foundation of the Theory of Relativity, propounded by the famous scientist, Albert Einstein. Relative nature of the real vs. unreal may be comfortably understood through the duel that Adi Sankaracarya  had with a deluded fellow during his cosmic journey through this world –

The great sage Adi Sankaracarya, who always preached ‘world is (un)real’, was once chased by a rogue elephant. While he was rushing away to escape the beast, one onlooker sarcastically commented, “Kim Palayanam ? Gajopi Mithya !” i.e. “Why are you running away ? This tusker is unreal !!” To this, the sage retorted, “Mum Palayanum Api Mithya !” i.e. “My running away is also unreal.” The repartee is a vivid statement of what he had been expounding – “Elephant is real only so long as I am in the gross world, wherein the tusker is also existing !!” Aforesaid fundamental truth has given rise to the philosophy of Vedanta. Astangayoga  too, is based on these axioms that lead us to the conviction / conclusion – Astangayoga  is the ONLY way to attain the ultimate liberation & there is no other way at all. PRECIPICE THAT OVERLOOKS THE STATE OF SVATAHYOGA, CAN BE ARRIVED AT ONLY THROUGH ASTANGAYOGA / SVADHARMAYOGA  AND THAT IS THE END OF THE HUMAN WISDOM.

These principles of Agama Jnana, as detailed above also prove utter futility of all religions to exist. Sanatana Vedanta  is the only way to the Supreme Existence while all other religions i.e. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism  etc. are decrepit imitations of Sanatana Vedanta. Once Supreme Reality is known through Agama, all religions turn redundant, must be consigned to the dust-heap of history. Sanatana Vedanta  alone qualifies to be the Universal Religion which Swami Vivekananda  had expounded in his historical address at the Chicago Conference in 1893.

Sanatana Vedanta  is so rational that neither it denies nor accepts existence of Personal Isvara / God. That way, it should be wholeheartedly acceptable to the atheists too as their own faith !!! And the only faith for all !!