Few years ago, there is a grand announcement today regarding discovery of Higgs-Boson / God’s Particles, purported to be building blocks of the universe.

I smiled and enjoyed the euphoria that these highly-educated nincompoops have generated at a cost of billions of dollars, after devoting five decades in a 27 Km. long tunnel some 300 feet below the ground-surface in France / Switzerland. Number of such highly-educated ignorant ones is pretty large across the world.

I smiled at them because what they have discovered, has already been known to Bharatiya Maharsi-s for the last thousands of years or so!! What they have identified / discovered (if at all they have succeeded in real sense) had been established as MAHATATTVA, derivative of Prakrti  that splits into three TANMATRA-S of SATTVA, RAJA  and TAMA  subsequently, real building blocks of entire universe including living kingdom. Three Tanmatra-s equally proportionate, also known as GUNA-S, constitute the entire Space across the universe.

These facts are known to every scholar of Samkhyayoga / Samskrita !!! What is so great about their so-called grand discovery ??

Our Rsi-s and Maharsi-s were ACE PARTICLE PHYSICISTS !! Not only they knew the entire structure of universe, they also knew how to manipulate / fiddle with that. Such Siddha-s exist even now, there are in fact so many of them.

They all have their HIGHLY SOPHISTICATED LABORATORIES IN CAVES / UNDER BANYAN TREES IN JUNGLES, COSTING NOTHING !!!! Their HIGHLY SOPHISTICATED SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS viz. Rudraksa Mala, Kamandala, Asana…. are easily available everywhere !! Methodology of research was established thousands of years ago… Astangayoga  of Maharsi Patanjali.

These poor chaps, supposed to be highly qualified scientists, splitting their heads over a NON-ISSUE !!! Only if they had accepted DIKSA  from an enlightened GURU, they too, would have discovered those Tanmatra-s at no cost, alongwith liberation / salvation too. POOR JESUS !!

Even Nobel Prizes would be raining on these fellows for their non-discovery !!!