Army Tales: A Collection of Short Stories by Col Neerav Bhatnagar

After having left armed forces I realized that all these years I have lived in a different society which not only cherished certain values but ensured they are upheld at any cost.

Although, my friends in civil loved and respected the men from armed forces but they had no clue about the way Army works, our hardships, career related issues, leadership challenges etc.

Hence, I decided to select a few incidents from Army life and made an endeavour to narrate them in a story form to acquaint my friends with army way of life. So, it is by no means a literary work and should not be judged as one.

The stories, therefore, are dramatized a bit to make them more interesting and to emphasize the Army values and way of life.

Therefore, stories in this book are a work of fiction. Even though they are loosely based on my experiences in the Army, they are in no way directly connected to any person living or dead.
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– Courtesy Col Neerav Bhatnagar