Same Truth may be described in multifarious ways.

It is an ideal that is enshrined in Vedanta  philosophy and deeply entrenched in Hindu psyche. Events and episodes that occurred in our country during past 1000 years or so, call upon us to revisit this ‘Model Code of Hindu  Conduct’ and reassess it in all it’s perspectives.

Sutra  enlightens us about infinite and multiple manifestations of the Supreme Truth, through which He expresses Himself. Supreme Entity is an infinite ocean of Consciousness, tranquil within yet turbulent on the so-called visible exterior. Enormity of an ocean pre-supposes it’s multitudinous conduct. It is not possible to have a gigantic ocean with just one wave !!! Rather, is it possible for a ONE WAVE OCEAN, notwithstanding it’s being finite, to exist even in the realm of human imagination? Is it not preposterous even to mull over it?

Then, how can the Infinite ocean of Supreme Existence be content in expressing His divinity through the manifest of just one religion, or sect for that matter ? When the Supreme Divinity cannot be confined to just one monotheistic manifest through faith / religion, does it augur well for a group of people to enforce their belief upon others, through whom Supreme Divinity may be expressing Himself in a different way ? It is extremely diabolical, depraved, anti-human as well as anti-God / Allah to dictate others to pursue only one particular path of divinity or Isvara / God / Allah.

Proponents of single-God religions have declined to perceive the reality that faiths / religions / sects are merely evanescent waves in the ocean of Supreme Consciousness. These faiths / religions are merely momentary in the cosmic game-plan, destined to lose their existence, even traces thereof, into the Infinite Consciousness sooner than later.

Is it not atrocious for a wave to destroy other waves in the ocean permanently, to ensure it’s solitary existence ? Diabolical faiths of Islam & Church are vigorously exerting themselves to destroy Vedanta  philosophy practised by Hindu-s, stupidly ignoring the reality that it is Vedanta Darsana  alone that is at the core of Islam, at the core of Christianity.

Vedanta Darsana  is the manifestation / expression of the Supreme Absolute, from where various faiths / religions emerge as multitudinous expressions in the manifest of various waves of faiths / religions. In other words, when a JEHADI, SECULAR AYATOLLAH or a diehard FAITH-HARVESTER-BENEDICT converts a Hindu  to his religion, he is striking a dastardly blow at the Supreme Truth, which is the very basis, the very cause of existence of his own religion i.e. Islam and Christianity respectively.

That way absolutely ignorantly, they are destroying the roots of their own religion by propagating it coercively !! That is how conversion is the worst conceivable crime against humanity. It is worse than even a brutal murder or serial- / gang-rape. Continuous pounding of the Supreme Truth by these “merchants of direct foreign faith-investment” shall invite one day, a very terrible and catastrophic reprisal, which may even destroy their faiths decisively. They must take this warning very, very seriously. Quite pertinently, there have been several such predictions / forecasts too, including the one by the well-known French occultist, Nostramus.

Let us now talk about, a bit about the much talked about, “a million Hindu-Gods”. Is it possible for any one of us to climb over the terrace of our house without using ladder / staircase ? If the response is loud and emphatic NO, then how is it possible / feasible to attain the most mystical, incomprehensible, imperceptible through gross senses, PARAM BRAHMA  i.e. the Supreme & Absolute Existence without being guided and supported by a lesser God of our choice ? Or, GURU  for that matter ?

Every Soul is potentially divine, that finds out in it’s own way, the cosmic path leading to the Supreme, exclusive to itself. Millions of such beings create their own Gods, compatible in all respects to steer them towards the Ultimate Truth. That is the rationale behind millions of “Hindu  Gods”, who shall exist so long as millions of creations exist !! Same is the rationale behind idol-worship. As the Supreme Absolute is not perceptible through gross senses, lesser mortals create idols for the benefit of worship and concentration of wanderlust mind. To derogate that reality, is utter heresy of the worst order. Hinduism  is like a gigantic banyan tree with it’s ever ramifying growth all around which is a bright, reassuring and refreshing contrast to Jesuit and Islamic religions which stand aloof as monolithic, staid pillars across the land.

Muslims want to attain Allah i.e. the Supreme Absolute, rather want to be catapulted to Him directly in one clean sweep, bypassing everything else !!! That those fellows have been consistently failing in their efforts, is given by the fact that today they are the most violent, murderous community in the world. Muslims fail in their cosmic journey, remain confined within the boundaries of mortal existence & repeated re-births, then degenerate into non-religion i.e. diabolical pursuits. Salvation in the form of Allah is simply out of their reach, owing to the simple reason – THEY DO NOT HAVE A MILLION GODS !!! Secondly, they never allowed anyone to renovate their faith as is liberally permissible in Hinduism. Owing to these internal factors, moribund Islam today stands condemned with a plethora of problems mounting everyday.

Christianity idol-worships only one GOD i.e. Jesus. Well, Jesus was a spiritually advanced human being, what Hindu-s call ‘Avatara’ or saint. Jesus was only a microscopic manifest of the Supreme Absolute i.e. PARAM BRAHMA. He incarnated as a means to a certain end i.e. PARAM BRAHMA  and not as the end in himself. Hindu-s have a plethora of realised saints and they are at liberty to adore / follow anyone of them, to lead them towards the Ultimate. Church projects Jesus as the ONLY saviour and the Ultimate which is not only patently wrong but also utterly absurd, criminal in intent, amounting to sheer lunacy.

EVENGELICAL-TOUTS compound the absurdity further by attacking the very roots of the Supreme Deity whose cosmic, mystical serenity is splendidly manifested through Vedanta Darsana, practised by Hindu-s or the innocent victims of their sinister, anti-God manoeuvres.

The menace of terrorism has it’s roots in the fact that the cherished ideal of EKAM SAT VIPRA BAHUDHA VADANTI  has been completely rejected by the Christians / Muslims. Rejection of this ideal is again at the root of Hindu-Christian riots as well as Muslim-Christian riots in the whole of Africa.

These monotheistic faiths /religions are severely deformed due to the affliction of polio of ideological / philosophical bankruptcy. High-decibel call of the hour is that Hindu-s rise to the occasion and compel Muslims and Christians by FORCE to pursue this Vedantic  ideal of EKAM SAT VIPRA BAHUDHA VADANTI  religiously. If they resist, effective measures must be adopted , without any misgivings whatsoever. This ideal is the urgent need of the hour, not only for this country but also for the well-being of the entire globe.