Muslim Fundamentalism, Communal Riots & Partition of Bharata

These are the only ORIGINAL gifts that Muslims / Mughals / Islam delivered to Bharatavarsa.

Policy of Muslim occupiers was to keep Muslim minority in a privileged position, ensure there was no integration between two communities. Muslim occupiers were so allergic to prosperity of Hindu-s that they expressed open resentment at Hindu-s being well-dressed, riding horses or travelling in palanquins.


Many of them enforced regulations requiring Hindu-s to wear distinguishing marks on their clothes so that they were not be mistaken for Muslims. Laiqat Ali Khan demanded from the then British Viceroy Lord Wavell on Jan. 24, 1946 that British would have to stop for several more years and Muslims were not at all anxious that British occupiers go. Muslim leaders like Shah Waliullah, Wiqar-ul-Mulk and Liaqat Ali Khan preferred to live under the rule of foreigners like Afghans and British than to live as free people with Hindu-s just because latter happened to be in a majority. Is it therefore any wonder that majority of Muslims were not interested in joining the freedom struggle for Bharata’s freedom ?

The idea of Pakistan was as old as the Muslim occupation of Bharata. M.A. Jinnah is reported to have said that seeds of Pakistan were planted when the first Hindu  was forcibly converted to Islam in Bharata. History of communal riots is synchronous with advent of Islam / Muslims in Bharata. For next hundreds of years, invaders and occupiers committed all sorts of atrocities on Hindu-s and country was charged with aggression and violence.

Ever since appearance of Muslims in Bharata, there has been a constant struggle between Islamic / Muslim communalism and Hindu  nationalism. Today on the side of Muslim communalists are Marxists, pseudo-secularists, so-called progressives etc. They have chosen the safe side because they know that it is easy to decry Hindu-s and Hinduism but life-threatening to criticise Muslims or Islam. Hindu-s are now regaining their self-respect diminished over centuries. Their tough no-nonsense stance has rendered secularists and progressives panicky.

Now they have floated a new rubbish doctrine, majority fundamentalism affects entire nation while minority fundamentalism, only minorities !! Hindu  have trashed it with the contempt it deserves. Nationalism is the new buzzword for Hindu-s misconstrued by some, anti-Islam. India is on move now. It will neither go Communist nor communalist. India is steadily going Bharata. Let us observe with keen interest whether Indian Muslim or Muslim Indian leadership contribute to the historic movement or merely cherish and dream return of the brutal, despotic and detestable legacy of Muslim rule in Bharata.

With these stark and loud realities on board, it is easy to discern how half-baked historians concoct grand tales of Muslim rule, goading Bharatiya  Muslims revel in a dreamland of fake Mughal glory, thereby trampling their roots and realities. This ludicrous unification and identification with foreign invaders viz. Turks, Mughals and Afghan is the root cause of division and distrust between Hindu-s and Muslims. Bharatiya  Muslims are in reality, victims of those despotic foreign invaders and it is high time for Bharatiya  Muslims to assimilate these facts and stop being misled by people with anti-national agenda to boot.