Open letter to PM : number of street hawkers in Delhi risen from 6 to 11 lakhs but regulatory act is missing

Hon. Prime Minister,
Namo Namaha.

Protection Of Livelihood And Regulation Of Street Vending Act 2014 was enacted on orders of Supreme Court in 2014 and subsequently notified too, yet no action has been initiated so far with respect to various provisions listed in the Act.

Now number of street hawkers in Delhi alone has risen from 6 lakhs in 2013 to 11 lakhs in 2016 and the number is rising steadily. Absence of a regulatory Act is causing enormous hardship to a very large section of population.

Arvind Kejariwal is deriving nefarious advantage of the situation to create anarchy and blame BJP for all that before voters. They are not constituting vendor committees / Hawkers Welfare Board etc. even after two years in a row with the sole intention to blame BJP dominated Corporations in Delhi.

Resident Welfare Associations are harassed as all vacant spaces are being gradually occupied by hawkers and citizens do not find pavements to walk upon. That leads to traffic hazards too.

Absence of regulatory law promotes corruption on a massive scale. An item of Rs. 20 has to be sold at Rs. 60 as hawker has to pay weekly bribe i.e. ‘Hafta’ to the beat constable of the area. Total amount of this money runs into crores and shared by the top brass among policemen.

Significance and urgency of implementation of the Act may be judged from the fact that 60% population of Delhi is dependent on hawkers / weekly markets for all their provisions and requirements. Absence of the Act in action is causing enormous hardship to this entire segment of population.

If the Act is implemented, it will extend tremendous support to Smart City projects as well as Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan. As a matter of fact, this one regulatory law of street vendors is an issue of considerable importance.

Also, it’s electoral worth is immeasurable. Shri Anil Mittal, Co-ordinator of all Cells in Delhi BJP has been active on this front mobilising support to resolve the issue.
Kindly initiate action to implement the law immediately.

With best regards,

Ramakant Tiwari