A discussion with one of the ‘secular’ friends about Hinduism

Friend: Why the hell do you create ruckus over such silly movies, how do they damage a 5000 year old Dharma? We have survived the test of time.

Me: Hmm… suppose your uncle has severe diabetes, would you keep serving him ‘gulab jamun‘ every now and then and convince him to eat by saying ‘ek se kya hota hai uncle?’

Friend: No you are not getting my point, see… only a religion like Hinduism which has the tendency to introspect, correct itself would thrive and become the face of religions across the world.

Me: Hmm… so by your logic Hinduism should have been the most followed religion across the world as its 5000 years old and it has the desired qualities as you suggested?

Friend: No I mean…..

Me: Wait, let me tell you what you meant, centuries back Hinduism used to rule whole of Asia, it was the most peaceful, liberal and open minded faith ever on earth. Today it has shrunk just to India with more than 6 states indirectly ruled by Jehadi or missionary forces because of their population dominance.

Friend: But if we too become barbaric, regressive and close minded like others, what difference do we have then?

Me: Hindus are debating, discussing, airing their opinions, alarming other Hindus of the possible dangers, challenging them to come up with a better opinion, which is the best characteristic of a matured and dynamic faith, how do you compare us with a Jehadi barbaric ass beheading non-muslims and making their woman sex slaves, are you in your senses, god dammit?

Friend: If this trend continues, we will turn fanatic someday.

Me: Now I would like to bring your logic of ‘survival’, hundreds of years we were persecuted, killed, raped, looted, ruled but we did not loose our core DNA, the DNA of ‘live and let live’, it is this strength of ours which we should be proud of and not this mere coincidence that we ‘survived’ as a faith, we should be proud that we ‘survived’ this DNA at the cost of our own loss. Despite losing ground day by day we did not turn fanatic, we kept accepting people from different cultures across the world. Learn to draw lines friend.

Friend: But don’t you think its the beauty of Hinduism and its followers that we can laugh on ourselves, scrutinize our Gods and traditions?

Me: Hmm… hey by the way this latest hair style of yours makes you look like a shithead… change it soon buddy.

Phone just hung up, could not even tolerate the ‘laughter’ and an honest ‘scrutiny’  🙂