Open Letter to Amit Shah : Why to be so defensive over historic decision of demonetization

My Dear Amitbhai Shah,


I watched your TV programme on IndiaTV channel over demonetization and found almost all responses defensive in nature. Why are we so defensive / apologetic over the historic decision of demonetization owing to temporary hardships of people and deaths in queue instead of being gung-ho about it?

Opponents of demonetisation / naysayers / protagonists of corruption, loot and plunder have been yelling from roof-tops, whole India is standing before ATMs, marriages could not be solemnized, people died standing in queue owing to exhaustion, this hardship and that hardship….

If that be so, there was absolutely no logic in launching freedom movement to liberate the country from deadly / sucking clutches of British occupiers because there too, lakhs of citizens were slaughtered, hanged, tortured, raped and what not? And that too, for two centuries !!

By their convoluted logic, freedom movement should not have been undertaken at all as people had suffered on a massive scale !!

In this case, it is just a minor problem of standing in queues for some 50 to 100 days and enemies of the nation are shouting hoarse raising mountain out of a mole-hill !!

Demonetisation is a historic revolution equivalent to Quit-Bharata Andolan / Dandi March / Singhaasan Khaali Karo, Janata Aati Hai…and lakhs had suffered grievously, but those were perfectly justified, rather essential.

Why can’t we tell these professional trouble-makers to look for some other issue / occupation as the trouble experienced by people before ATMs is perfectly justified / desirable and essential to restore integrity in the nation’s economy ? Marriages for want of currency can be very well postponed, requirements pruned for the time being etc. to overcome the transition period. And those deaths in queues are too, perfectly justified. Scores lost their lives in freedom movement, dozens are killed in insurgencies defending the nation every other day.

That cannot be stopped just because securitymen lose their lives when embattled. It is a very small price that we are paying and we must pay as a measure of nemesis for blindly voting Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty to power for six decades in a row to loot and destroy the country. These are moments when some blunt-speak is very very necessary before those professional naysayers to silence them so that people are not demoralized across the country.

That was the opportunity before Rajat Sharma to have gone ahead with all guns blazing at those enemies of the nation berating demonetisation and Rajat was goading you to come forward. However, I was disappointed to behold, the grand opportunity was not entirely utilized with maximum effects.

Kindly remind all in every talk everywhere, first ask yourself what you have done for the nation before wailing for petty hardships when right decisions / measures are adopted by a well-meaning Government headed by PM Modi. Sambit Patra ‘Takkar-ed’ Owaisi very well on AajTak and he deserves immediate elevation in hierarchy.

Seven decades of dynasty rule has turned the nation gravely pessimistic and negativistic. We have to be very emphatic and forthcoming to counter that effectively on every forum, to restore high morale of the nation as quickly as possible.

With best regards,

Ramakant Tiwari