PM put the Cat amongst the pigeons

On 08 2016 Nov Modiji had put the Cat amongst the pigeons.

As a result, The pigeons got panicky and at midnight flew towards Saraffa markets to buy gold, next day they caught hold of labour and poor people who had Jandhan Yojana accounts, they bribed Bank officials to save their hard earned MONEY.

The pigeons thought they are smart and can easily hoodwink the Cat.

But this time The cat was not only ready for the pigeons, but she had done all the homework well, as to where all these pigeons would fly.

She had catered for all the data and as a result one by one most of the pigeons are likely to fall into the trap.

This pigeon hunting, I think, will continue for almost a year or so.

The cat for next few years is going to enjoy this hunting.

As regards me ;

I convey my heartiest wishes to the Cat so that it catches all the Pigeons.