You will always feel cheated by life, but nobody has cheated you

The very desire for something to happen is a disease of the mind, or rather, it is the disease called mind.

This constant hankering for something to happen, something fantastic, is just a way of avoiding the present.

This hoping for something is nothing but creating a barricade between you and the present. because whenever you think something fantastic has to happen, naturally you start moving into the future.

You start creating dreams, and those dreams will never be fulfilled so you will always remain a pauper, a beggar, and you will always feel cheated by life.

Nobody has cheated you. It is you and only you who have played the game upon yourself. There is nothing to happen. One has to relax and be herenow. All is happening.

Life does not consist of fantastic things. It consists of very small things, but when you have no expectation, those small things turn into fantastic things.

Drop this idea that something great has to happen. This is an ego trip.

See the point, that all desire is stupid. Desire is the way of misery and hell.

When there is no desire, in that very state of no-desire, everything is calm and quiet and cool and blissful. Nothing more is needed.

Abridged From: ‘Don’t Look Before You Leap’

Talks given from 01/7/78 to 31/7/78