These three things will disappear your rock like stomach : OSHO

The majority of people suffer from this rocklike stomach.

It is the cause of a thousand and one illnesses — physical, mental, both — because the stomach is the centre where your psychology and your physiology meet; they meet at the navel.

The navel is the contact point between the psychology and the physiology. So if around the navel the musculature becomes rocklike, you become very divided. Your mind and body become separate; then they are almost two things, with no bridge.

So sometimes you can do a thing which only the mind feels like doing and the body is not ready for.

For example, you can eat: the body is not hungry but you can go on eating because the mind is enjoying the taste. It will not know how the body is feeling because the feeling is cut; there is no bridge.

Sometimes it can happen that you are so much engaged in playing cards or seeing the movie that the body is hungry and you may not know about it.

Then one remains like two parallel lines, never meeting.

That’s what schizophrenia is, and it is very rare to find a person who is not, in some way, schizophrenic. But one symptom will always be there: a rocklike stomach.

So the first thing to do is: start exhaling deeply. And when you exhale deeply, naturally, you will have to pull the stomach in.

Then relax and let the air rush in. If you have exhaled deeply, the air will rush in with such force. It will go like a hammering.

The second thing: in the morning, after the motion when your stomach is empty, take a dry towel and rub the stomach, massage the stomach.

Start from the right comer and go around, not otherwise — three to four minutes massage. That will also help to relax.

And the third thing: whenever you can, do a little running. Running will be very good — jogging, running.

These three things, and within a month this rock will disappear and with it all possibility of schizophrenia will vanish.

Abridged From:

Don’t Look Before You Leap

Year: 1978

A Darshan Diary