Osho : Avoid ego trips, Love starts growing

We’re all born with the ability to love, nobody has any excuse not to realize God…  If one can avoid ego trips, love starts growing of its own accord, and soon you are uplifted by love.

Soon you are no more part of the mundane world; you enter into a new dimension, the dimension of the divine.

Love more, love totally, love unconditionally. Love without asking anything in return and a thousand and one blessings will be yours.

God is not a search of the mind, it is an adventure of the heart… philosophy is of no help.

Only religion can lead you, can guide you, to God.

The difference between philosophy and religion is the difference between the head and the heart; it is the difference between logic and love.

Never think about God in terms of logic.

No argument can prove him or disprove him. It is a feeling in the heart; it is the opening of the heart like a flower.

It is beyond the comprehension of the mind, it is supramental. It is something so far away from the mind and so above it that the mind cannot conceive what it is all about.

So this is the first thing for any disciple to remember — that God is a love affair.

Abridged From:

“Don’t Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself”

Talks given from 01/8/79 to 30/9/79

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