Loving you was such a revelation

I met you
Or you met me

Though there are no coincidences
A longing I had
A sigh arose from deep within
My soul was thirsty
Thirsty for my other half

My soul mate
Fed on the knowledge imparted in books
I knew
A soul mate somewhere I had
Who will make me complete

You didn’t come to meet me
Your love lay dangling between yes and no
Wrapped in the lingering shadows
You lurked between illusion and reality

My longing dived deeper
Deeper and deeper
And then one day it burst
Like a balloon full of more air
Than it could hold
And it died its own death

I realized
Souls were never thirsty
Souls were all love and peace and bliss
Longings were the longings of the mind

Desires buried deep
Carried from one life to another
Imprinted deep on the slate of mind
And the slate could be wiped clean

If you willed so
I sacrificed my desires at the altar of the universe
Like they say ‘ sawaha ‘ at a ‘ hawan kund ‘
While giving ‘ aahuti ‘
And became love
Became complete

I was Shiv I was Shakti too
The Yin and the Yang were both in me
I was no half searching for another half
I was complete

All beings sentient and spiritual
Were my soul mates
Coming from the same source
No more thirst
No more longing
All peace and bliss and love ………….
Ah !
Loving you was such a revelation…………….